Top 5 Designs of Cat Litter Box Furniture

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Decorative Furniture to Hide Your Cat's Litter Box

Dearly as we love our cats, no one likes to look at a kitty litter box every day - much less to have it on display to guests. Fortunately, more designers are planning for pets and pet suppliers now offer cat litter box furniture - decorative cabinets to hide that nasty litter tray.

A cat litter box enclosure that looks like a "real" piece of furniture can solve the problem of how to hide Kitty's toilet commode, especially in a small apartment or home without a basement or spare room to stash it away out of sight.

The best of these new cat box enclosures also function as a bench for extra seating - great for the mudroom or entry hall - or as a sideboard or TV display table, even as a bathroom cabinet or night stand. That's the kind of dual purpose we love when it comes to making great use of smaller spaces.

Here are the top 5 designs in cat litter box furniture - the most popular and best-selling hidden litter box furniture, cabinets and enclosures, the pick of the crop top-rated for function, design, and how well the cats like them!

Featured: Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure (Black); this cabinet is also available in White and Espresso, shown below on this page.

A Little Privacy, Please!

No lolz heer by Crankydragon, on Flickr (
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No lolz heer by Crankydragon, on Flickr (

Image: No lolz heer by Crankydragon, on Flickr

Cats are discreet and well-mannered. Quite reasonably, they prefer to do their litter box business in private!

Pet Studio MDF Litter Box Cat Cabinet, Mahogany
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Pet Studio MDF Litter Box Cat Cabinet, Mahogany

Pet Studio MDF Litter Box Cat Cabinet

Color: Mahogany

Tops on the hidden cat commode list, this rather elegant Litter Box Cat Cabinet by Pet Studio is probably my favorite of the lot - and not only because it comes from the well-respected Pet Studio brand, which has some very clever designs in pet furniture. I like the clean lines of the design, the mahogany colour, and even the antique-brass-look hardware on the doors.

It's all a kind of 1920s your-gin-and-tonic-is-waiting-on-the-sideboard-sir kind of style... Or maybe that's just me. :)

Anyway, someone was really thinking when they designed this piece of furniture, I believe - and I'd bet it was someone who has spent a little time scooping kitty litter! It has the kind of hinges that let you open the doors well past 90 degrees wide, so you can get in there to clean the hidden cat box without being a yoga master.

Inside the two front cabinet doors, you'll find a convenient full-width drawer where you can keep your scoop, disposal bags, etc. handy for clean-up. Beneath the drawer, there's plenty of room for a standard litter box - the interior measures 27-7/8 inches wide x 16 inches high x 17-3/4-inches deep. (The cabinet exterior is 28 x 24 x 19 inches.)

This would certainly be my first choice for replacing my existing cat litter box furniture, and the Pet Studio MDF Litter Box Cat Cabinet is now being shipped to select countries outside the United States, so it is now available to some international cat-owners as well as those in the USA.

Elegant Cabinet, Great for Small Living Rooms and Large Cats

Pet Studio MDF Litter Box Cat Cabinet, Mahogany
Pet Studio MDF Litter Box Cat Cabinet, Mahogany

This enclosure usually comes in at #2 in the bestsellers on Amazon but, with its luxurious look of high-end furniture, it is my own #1 choice for a kitty litter box cabinet. It fits a standard-size litter box. The large opening on the side makes this cabinet a good choice for large cats, and the concealed drawer is a handy place to stash your scooping supplies. Available in the Mahogany color only.

Merry Pet Cat Washroom / Night Stand Pet House
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Merry Pet Cat Washroom / Night Stand Pet House

Merry Pet Cat Washroom / Night Stand

Vintage Washstand Style of Cat Box Furniture

This clean-lined classic of a cabinet features a wainscoting panel exterior detail that works well with home decor styles from the traditional to country to contemporary.

Shown here as a bathroom cabinet - note the top shelf and stainless steel towel bar (included) - it would look just as appropriate in a laundry room, bedroom, hallway, or corner of the guest room, wherever you want to hide your cat's duty station. Dual function, you can use this practical piece of furniture as a cat condo instead of a litter box cabinet, if you want, for a kitty who likes to nap in privacy.

Measuring 18.5 x 16.5 x 18.5 inches, the Merry Pet Cat Washroom / Night Stand will conceal a standard size litter box (not included).

Assembly instructions and stainless steel hardware are included, and all you need to put it together is a standard Phillips screwdriver. Also good to note, the Merry Pet Cat Washroom litter box cabinet is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Available in Three Finishes - Walnut, White, Espresso

This homey old-fashioned style of cat box is sheathed in bead board wainscoting and has a stainless steel towel bar on the side, perfect for sliding into your bathroom in style - just choose the finish (white, walnut, or espresso) that matches the rest of your decor.

Owners suggest using a hooded litter box inside this enclosure, if your cat is at all likely to "pee high" or spray, as the fibreboard material has limited moisture resistance on the inside. An alternative is to give the inside a quick coat of acrylic clear-coat, and that's the way I'd go - your furniture is likely to last longer with that extra bit of protection.

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure - White
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Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure - White

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure

Bench Style, Available in White, Espresso, and Black

This bench-style Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure has an interior panel you can take out if you want to use a giant size litter box instead of a standard, but it's part of the design for a clever reason I think you'll find interesting.

The exterior entrance and the doorway in that divider panel are offset, so an energetic cat can't kick the litter out the door and or track litter onto your floor -- and your dog can't poke his nose in there to scout for "kitty snacks" if he's the type of dog who has the litter box habit. There's space inside to store your scoop and extra kitty litter, too.

With this cat box enclosure, you can use a standard large litter pan (approx. 18.5" x 15.25" x 5.25") or a high-backed litter pan (measuring 18.6" x 14.7" x 9.8"). Note: if you choose not to install the interior divider panel, you can use a larger litter pan. The overall (exterior) size of the Designer Catbox is 29.1" length by 20.6" width by 20.8" in height, with interior dimensions of 26.4" length by 18.5" width by 14.2" in height. The outside entrance is 7.5 inches wide by 8 inches high, so it even a large cat can access the litter box inside.

Another smart design element to note - you can switch the entrance to either end, depending on how you want to arrange your furniture, to make this look completely like a mudroom bench or cabinet by hiding the cat door.

This is also one of the very few pieces of hidden cat litter box furniture you'll find that's actually made of wood, so that's a bonus if excess moisture (in other words, cat pee "accidents") are a problem - as we all know can happen, especially with toms or elderly cats.

Mudroom or Foyer Bench to Hide a Kitty's Bathroom

Does the Designer style of hidden cat litter box furniture, where the enclosure doubles as a handy bench, appeal most to you? Happily, the Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure is available in three colors - white (shown above), espresso, and black, to fit your decorating style. All are painted with a glossy lead-free paint that makes for easy maintenance.

The coolest features of this cabinet design are its extra length, yes, but especially that clever offset entry to keep the litter-tracking down to a minimum - even if Puss is a little too enthusiastic about digging in his litter and kicking it over his doo-doo, the litter stays inside the bench instead of getting kicked or tracked out the door and all over your floor. If you're like me and really hate the feel of those litter particles underfoot, this is a real plus!

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure in Espresso
Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure in Espresso

Dark Brown (Espresso) is my preference, as it tends to blend well with almost any other piece of furniture, from those with a painted finish to natural wood, stained or clear varnish.

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure in Black
Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure in Black

By comparison, here's the black version we showed you at the top of the page. Very striking in a modern or formal decor.

Carpeted Litter Box Enclosure
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Carpeted Litter Box Enclosure

Cat Condos Litter Box Furniture

Carpeted Cat Stand Style Enclosure

I'll be honest with you here - I think the carpet-covered Litter Box Enclosure is an attractive, sturdy, and useful piece of cat furniture, but it seems to me just slightly on the pricey side. Especially if you compare it to the other pieces it's up against here. On the other hand, there are a number of good features to note:

  1. No assembly required.
  2. The lid of the box just lifts off and on, so there's no worry about hardware failures.
  3. The carpet on the outside means the litter box cover can double as a cat stand and scratching post, which is handy if you're living in a very limited space with a bored cat.
  4. Laminate on the inside means it's easy to clean and shouldn't absorb smells if a cat has an "accident" inside.
  5. It's a generous size. Inside dimensions are 32" length x 19" width x 19" height, with outside measurements of 33" x 21" x 19" - and a little elementary math will tell you what that means in terms of wall thickness, hence the "sturdy" in its description!
Come to think about it... that's a lot of value. This carpeted condo-style box just moved up a knotch on my list of best cat litter box furniture. :-)

Carpet-Covered Litter Box Furniture by Cat Condos

Enclosure Cat Litter Box Color: Beige
Enclosure Cat Litter Box Color: Beige

The carpet-covered cat condo / cat litter box furniture. Doubles as a cat perch, which is pretty handy if you're living in a smaller space. No assembly is required!

Enclosure Cat Litter Box Color: Gray
Enclosure Cat Litter Box Color: Gray

Now available in grey, if that's a better match for your own furnishings.

Mr. Herzher's Large Decorative Litter Pan Cover
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Mr. Herzher's Large Decorative Litter Pan Cover

Wicker Cat Box Enclosure

Mr. Herzher's Decorative Litter Pan Cover

If you've got wicker furniture, and you're looking for an enclosure to make your cat litter box look like a piece of furniture instead of a kitty commode, Mr. Herzher's Decorative Litter Pan Cover, a resin-wicker cat box enclosure, is the clear choice, if only because your choices in this style are rather limited.

Now, it does get mixed reviews - the door latch seems to be the main weakness, so you might want to plan on replacing it unless the manufacturer has made recent changes to their hardware.

There are a couple of unusual features worth noting, however: a catch tray for stray litter, glide-out rails for easy cleaning (litter box not included), and non-slip feet to protect your floors.

It comes in two colors - a light-beige sort of natural and a darker shade of brown - and two sizes.

Large and Extra Large (Jumbo) Wicker Cat Box Covers

Do check the size you'll need to fit your litter pan of choice, before ordering, as this enclosure tends to run a bit smaller than "large" and "jumbo" might suggest. I'd go for the larger one, if your living space has room for it, just to be on the safe side - but get out your measuring tape and be sure!

Mr. Herzher's Large Decorative Litter Pan Cover - Natural
Mr. Herzher's Large Decorative Litter Pan Cover - Natural

The Large size measures 16.25" wide x 19.75" long x 18.5" high and will accommodate a litter box of up to 15 x 18.5 inches. Also available in dark brown.

Mr. Herzher's Jumbo Decorative Litter Pan Cover - Dark Brown
Mr. Herzher's Jumbo Decorative Litter Pan Cover - Dark Brown

For a bigger litter pan, you'll want to go with the Jumbo size ( 23 1/2" x 18 1/4" x 19 1/2"), which fits pans up to 17 x 22 inches. Also available in the light "natural" wicker color.


Litter Box or Cat Housetraining Problems? - These Resources may help you...

Anyone who has lived with a cat for more than a few years will know that the litter box and/or bathroom habits are the one big issue we may have to deal with, with an otherwise lovable, low-maintenance and high-entertainment pet. Here are some of the resources I tracked down in helping my mother figure out the best way to keep her persnickety Puss pleased with the bathroom accomodations.

The two big points to consider are your home (amount of space, where you'll put the box, your decorating style) and your cat companion (how many cats, how large they are, what the cats prefer and what their washroom habits are like, etc.) ... What is your solution to hiding the kitty litter box where you live?

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How do you hide your cat's litter box? 109 comments

HwangSeongMina profile image

HwangSeongMina 4 months ago from USA

A creative way to hide the litter box! This would be my solution.

shellys-space profile image

shellys-space 4 months ago from Midwest U.S.A.

We just adopted 2 kittens from Petsmart ( local humane society houses them there ) and while I don't have "housed" litter boxes, I was happy to hide them in a closet under my stairs.

mrinfo10 lm profile image

mrinfo10 lm 5 months ago

Thanks for the tips! I actually take a big cardboard box and cut square hole in it and put it over the litterbox, but your ideas are much more appealing!

ideadesigns profile image

ideadesigns 5 months ago from Central USA Level 2 Commenter

Never thought a litter box could be so gorgeous!

ologsinquito2 profile image

ologsinquito2 5 months ago

These enclosed litter boxes would definitely go a long way to keeping the litter contained. If you have a house cat, it looks like the only way to go.

Arachnea profile image

Arachnea 7 months ago from Texas USA

These are snazzy. This is the one thing that has put me off of getting a cat. The litter box. I used to use the self scooping litter trays, but they were more hassle than they were worth. I'll have to check them out. Great lens.

takkhisa profile image

takkhisa 7 months ago Level 4 Commenter

I don't have cat as result I had never seen like these before! It is a good idea for cat lovers.

vineliner57 profile image

vineliner57 7 months ago from Bloomington, IN Level 1 Commenter

We have ours in a corner in the kitchen. I would be concerned that hiding the litter box(es) would result in cleaning only happening when the smell got too bad.

Roger Hackney profile image

Roger Hackney 8 months ago Level 1 Commenter

I don't but I do live in an apartment and have 2 cats and these are GREAT ideas. I used to put the litter box in one side of a closet and leave the other door open so they could get in but you didn't see the litter. How are these boxes on containing smells? Any with air fresheners or deodorizers?

trevorjb1406 profile image

trevorjb1406 9 months ago Level 1 Commenter

I don't have a cat but I'm amazed at the range od designs shown on this page! Nice lens! Unfortunately, my dog Mabel doesn't like cats or "other dogs"

Kim Milai profile image

Kim Milai 9 months ago

I don't I'm embarrassed to say. These are excellent ideas.

Gwondo profile image

Gwondo 9 months ago

Much better than my old plastic kitty box.

Bonfire Designs profile image

Bonfire Designs 11 months ago

Oh I love these litter boxes! With three cats, one of who has to have it in my family room one of these could be a great addition to the room. Ohhh wonder if I could get my husband to DIY build one with me! Terrific ideas thank you.

KathyMcGraw2 profile image

KathyMcGraw2 11 months ago from California Level 2 Commenter

wow....I love these. Cat litter boxes sure have come a long way :)

Charlotte Realtor profile image

Charlotte Realtor 11 months ago

I love these ideas! Buying a new home in a few months and will definitely have to order one of these - thank you for sharing!

lyttlehalfpint profile image

lyttlehalfpint 12 months ago from Canada

I love the first litter box, it would blend with my decor quite lovely. At the moment I hide my cats litter box under the turtle tank on a iron wrought stand with the ever handy sheet hanging across on some string. Classy stuff I know!. Great article.

Bellezza-Decor profile image

Bellezza-Decor 12 months ago from Canada

These cat litter boxes are tres elegant, my dear! My favorite is the Mahogany Pet Studio Cabinet. I did find a versatile litter box that you can tilt and then the cat scat gets collected into a slide-out drawer. So I'm quite happy with that, but your kitty furniture is so much smarter looking. I can see that they would be particularly ideal for apartment dwellers.

acreativethinker 14 months ago

These cat boxes are just amazing! Such a lovely difference, from the plasticlitter boxes. Thanks for sharing. :)

MelanieKaren profile image

MelanieKaren 14 months ago from Pennsylvania, USA Level 3 Commenter

I love these! Litter boxes have sure come a long way. You've really picked the best of the best. I'll be moving back to PA soon, and one of these is in my kitty's future. He will surely appreciate the privacy too.

PattiJAdkins profile image

PattiJAdkins 15 months ago

Really nice cat litter furniture. Thanks for this interesting lens :)

Coffee-Break profile image

Coffee-Break 15 months ago from Ottawa, Ontario Canada Level 2 Commenter

I feel like in the middle ages, it's the first time I see furniture/cat litter box. It's a great idea.

Two Crafty Paws profile image

Two Crafty Paws 16 months ago

Well this is something new to me... Now my regular cat sand box toilet looks so... well ugly :). I like the Merry Pet Cat Washroom the most and the price was a bit of a surprise (lower than expected).

Elsie Hagley profile image

Elsie Hagley 16 months ago from New Zealand Level 7 Commenter

Very interesting article, i didn't know you could buy cat litter box furniture.I don't have a cat, used too, but if I did I would consider one of these.I wonder how long it takes for a cat to get used to using one?

Judy Filarecki profile image

Judy Filarecki 17 months ago from SW Arizona and Northern New York Level 3 Commenter

Never thought about hiding it is such a fashionable way. Mine just sits in the corner of the laundry room. Thanks for the ideas.

nicolekato profile image

nicolekato 18 months ago

This is great! Our cat's litter box just kind of sits in the bathroom. Very unbecoming.

HomeArtist1 profile image

HomeArtist1 18 months ago from Charlotte Level 1 Commenter

Where have these cool cat "offices" been all my life? Who knew? Great ideas for kitty gettin' down to biz! :)

ChristyZ profile image

ChristyZ 18 months ago from Ontario, Canada

My house is large enough that I have some far off space for cat litter boxes but these are such a good idea for small spaces. I love how stylish they are and kitty's can enjoy their privacy. :)

iamraincrystal profile image

iamraincrystal 18 months ago from Manila Philippines

Very nice cat litter box furniture! ^_^ I didn't know there's such furniture to "hide" your kitty litter box.

PhilVardy profile image

PhilVardy 19 months ago

Cool ideas. I love "intelligent design"

JeffGilbert profile image

JeffGilbert 20 months ago

Boy, these sure are some fancy cat litter boxes. Thanks for sharing, great page!

centralplexus profile image

centralplexus 20 months ago

I have a persian cat and I never knew about these enclosures, what a splendid idea! Excellent lens, thanks for sharing!

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 21 months ago Hub Author

@stoshk: Glad to hear it. :) It will be fun to see what you come up with for new kitty cabinet designs - hope you'll write it all up when you're done!

stoshk profile image

stoshk 21 months ago

Thanks for this... I'm a woodworker and have been playing with some ideas for camoflaging the litter box. Your site gave me direction!

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 21 months ago Hub Author

@Bucaner: Being a cat would be a pretty good kind of lifestyle, with humans to wait on you & serve your every need - yes indeed! :)

Bucaner profile image

Bucaner 21 months ago

I do not have cat but seeing these houses, they give me desire of being a cat.

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 21 months ago Hub Author

To stop or at least cut down on litter tracking, an enclosure that has a little entry way to it will help considerably, if you have space for it - and a high-sided litter box. I hear ya about the occasional accidents!

InfoCoop profile image

InfoCoop 21 months ago

Some nice pieces here. I have five indoor cats and am always looking for ways to discreetly hide the litter boxes.

CoolFool83 profile image

CoolFool83 21 months ago

These are too cool! If I had a cat I'd get one.

Carpenter76 profile image

Carpenter76 21 months ago

Lol those are really nice looking litter boxes :)

The One Stop Shop profile image

The One Stop Shop 22 months ago

I had no idea they sold stuff like this for litter boxes. Thanks so much for sharing!

Leigh Stratton profile image

Leigh Stratton 22 months ago

I have these litter box "planters" I found on They are large and globe shaped with a fake plant shooting out of the top. Not the prettiest (and certainly not as pretty as the ones you have shown), but they are so much less of an eye-sore than just the generic covered litterbox. Thank you so much for sharing these other designs!

TonyR2012 profile image

TonyR2012 22 months ago

Wow, I didn't even know that these existed. I have to say that I will be purchasing one in the near future. Thanks for the great information!

Shorebirdie profile image

Shorebirdie 22 months ago from San Diego, CA Level 1 Commenter

I love these! I don't own cats anymore, though. Actually, the cats I used to own were weird about their litter boxes, so I don't know if they would have used these.

MissKeenReviewer profile image

MissKeenReviewer 22 months ago

I have many cats and amazingly they don't their business inside the house. But if I have to keep them indoors the litterboxes you featured here are all great and wuold love to have one.

kabbalah lm profile image

kabbalah lm 23 months ago

Better than an open ugly box

justramblin profile image

justramblin 23 months ago

Wow, litter boxes have come a long way since I've had a cat. How posh and stylish

Thamisgith 23 months ago

There are some which you would never guess were cat litter trays. I would never have thought to put a TV above a kitty toilet!

tophatpro profile image

tophatpro 23 months ago

"Privacty please, I'm poopin here", love it! I'm moving next month and one of these litter boxes will be bought for my new place. Love them!

Titia profile image

Titia 2 years ago from Waterlandkerkje - The Netherlands Level 1 Commenter

We never used a litter box because our cats go outside to do their thing, but since our Kyra (16 years) has Feline Dementia we have one, but she can't find it half the time.

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 2 years ago Hub Author

@AstroGremlin: Oh, that is AWESOME!!

AstroGremlin profile image

AstroGremlin 2 years ago

Don't underestimate your cat's desire for cleanliness. One day my mom caught the cat using the toilet voluntarily and without instruction!

lolicious profile image

lolicious 2 years ago

These are pretty nifty and different. Much better than having the litter box out in the open. Great lens, keep it up.

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 2 years ago Hub Author

@juliaserafina lm: Oh, I know! Some of these cats act like they have to do major landscaping after every bit of litter box business! :)

juliaserafina lm profile image

juliaserafina lm 2 years ago

My cat goes berserk in her litter tray too (Just read the comment below and had a laugh). What a fantastic idea. Most cats love to hide in and under things, so these enclosures seems like a pretty good invention to me. Great lens.

SkylerV profile image

SkylerV 2 years ago

I don't and my cat makes a huge mess throwing her litter around. Some of these are pretty affordable. Might have to invest in one. Great lens!

Melissa Miotke profile image

Melissa Miotke 2 years ago from Arizona

I've never heard of this before but I LOVE the idea. It makes so much sense. Blessed!

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 2 years ago Hub Author

@Cari Kay 11: Oh, now I'm terribly curious about which one you've got your eye on... :-)

Cari Kay 11 profile image

Cari Kay 11 2 years ago Level 4 Commenter

We have the Omega Paw Rolling one. Great concept, terrible design. We're looking for a new one. Blessed because I now think I've found one!

sunlightseer profile image

sunlightseer 2 years ago

I have a hidden cat litter box but I like the one at the very top much more. Didn't know there were so many choices.

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 2 years ago Hub Author

@anonymous: My own favourite is the bench-style Designer cabinet in black,very elegant. I like the irony of elegance + litter box. :) Good for you, being able to fit a cat box under your sink - you must be so organized! I have far too much cr*p stuffed in under my bathroom sink to ever fit a litter box in there too.

anonymous 2 years ago

I actually don't hide it. I keep it under the sink in my bathroom and try not to bother:). I didn't know that you can get this hidden litter boxes ... I love the idea with the plant on the top. Amazing, thank you for sharing.

angelbucket profile image

angelbucket 2 years ago

Great Idea! Definitely an Idea for Christmas! ;)

Howcanigetagirl profile image

Howcanigetagirl 2 years ago

OMG! I didn't even know you get these.... amazing idea!

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 2 years ago Hub Author

@getpregnanthelp: Ah, a missed opportunity! Litter box cabinets really are a brilliant idea - and your husband sounds like a keeper. ;)

getpregnanthelp 2 years ago

Oddly enough, my husband built one for our Siamese cat very similar to the Cat Condos Litter Box Enclosure several years ago. Even before you saw many of these on the market. Should of had him start building them for others then. :)

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 2 years ago Hub Author

@JenwithMisty: Yes, isn't it a brilliant idea? Especially as so few of us have a totally hidden space we can set aside for the litter box, might as well do something easier on the eyes than the typical plastic cat tray!

JenwithMisty profile image

JenwithMisty 2 years ago

These are very cool!! I didn't know they existed but they're very clever!

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 2 years ago Hub Author

@Ardyn25: Brilliant idea, yes? Now see if you can guess what my cat-loving mother is getting for Christmas! :-D

Ardyn25 profile image

Ardyn25 2 years ago

I don't have a cat but if I did i would want one of these litter boxes! I never knew they made such a thing. I love the idea the litter box is hidden and at the same tim is an end table, that's creative.

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 2 years ago Hub Author

@IncomeFromHomeT: LOL, I'm not saying a SINGLE WORD that might compare your male cat's litter box performance to how Certain Men might behave when they graciously consent to do the dishes... ;)

IncomeFromHomeT profile image

IncomeFromHomeT 2 years ago

My female cat would LOVE one of these fancy litter boxes! My male cat would hate it. I dunno what it is about him, he has to have an OPEN box, so the world can hear him grunt and groan and scratch, scritch, scratch and shovel some more . . . I guess he's a hambone when it comes to this stuff . . .

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 2 years ago Hub Author

@robertzimmerman2: I suppose training your kitties to cough up their furballs into the litter box is... not gonna happen? ;-)

robertzimmerman2 profile image

robertzimmerman2 2 years ago from SE Florida, USA Level 1 Commenter

What do you do for the furballs? They go in the litterbox but cough up furballs everywhere!

hijess profile image

hijess 2 years ago

I love the idea of making it look like actual furniture. Too bad that can't account for the smell!

charlenedelfin lm profile image

charlenedelfin lm 2 years ago

Great list of designs of cat litter box furniture. My family keeps it behind a curtain in the house.

CruiseReady profile image

CruiseReady 2 years ago from East Central Florida

I should get one of these for my cat. He's such a priss, he probably thinks he really must have one.

fullofshoes profile image

fullofshoes 2 years ago Level 1 Commenter

When my kitties were still with us we had no place to hide the litter box. I wasn't aware of these nifty solutions and if I get another cat I'll be sure to get one of these cabinets. Awesome. ~blessed~

Dressage Husband profile image

Dressage Husband 2 years ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada Level 5 Commenter

We are fortunate that Robin is a Barn Cat so we have no real need to hide his litter, but these ideas are extremely practical for city dwellers as we once were.

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 2 years ago Hub Author

@getmoreinfo: Yes, you really have to look close at some of these cat box cabinets to tell it's not just a regular piece of furniture!

getmoreinfo 2 years ago

Cat Litter Box Furniture is really getting sophisticated in its design, really nice.

KimGiancaterino profile image

KimGiancaterino 2 years ago from California

We had the Merry Pet enclosure in our bathroom for many years and it worked out well. Now we use two carpet-covered enclosures in the basement. My foster kitties love clumping litter, so I'm glad I don't have to deal with it in the house.

Rosaquid profile image

Rosaquid 2 years ago

Great idea! Long overdue.

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 2 years ago Hub Author

@Teapixie LM: I hate the kicking litter thing - why do cats do that?!?

Teapixie LM profile image

Teapixie LM 2 years ago

I hide my cat litter box in storage/work room. It fits inside a cabinet shelf. But there really is not hiding it because my cat makes such a big mess of kicking the litter out all over the place. Yuck. I think the more I love her, the more she kicks out. ;)

anonymous 2 years ago

Great idea . . . I love the cabinet concept.

Dianeyp LM profile image

Dianeyp LM 2 years ago

I am loving these! What a cool way to hide the litter box. I especially like the white one in the bathroom. great lens!

Mandy Stradley profile image

Mandy Stradley 2 years ago

Ours is just in the upstairs bathroom... but I like the idea of having one of these fancy litter boxes! I never knew!

LoveToClean 2 years ago

Wow! I LOVE the look of the studio litter box-- adding this to my "wish" list. I have now been inspired to do a MUCH better job of hiding my cat's litter :)

Mami Design profile image

Mami Design 2 years ago

Rofl, I wish my toilet would be so fancy! :)

madoc profile image

madoc 2 years ago

With 5 cats I don't think we'd have room or time to build them a condo each, but it would be nice to keep the litter (and the fumes!) a -little- more contained!

montanatravel52 profile image

montanatravel52 2 years ago

Love your ideas here, we have 3 cats (one of whom I just wrote a lens about, Checkers), and are moving into a house and was looking for great ideas like this! Thanks!

squidstorm profile image

squidstorm 2 years ago

I only have a quite simple litter box, but these here are awesome!

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 2 years ago Hub Author

@anonymous: Keeping a dog out of a litter box is indeed a major challenge! Enclosures help, and one of the designs has a sort of entryway area that makes it even harder for a dog (or child) to poke around in there. Even a nosy Dobie... if he had a cat who could tolerate him. :)

anonymous 2 years ago

These are nice looking litter boxes - I didn't know they made them. If they could make one that my dog could not get into I might get a cat - if it can tolerate a playful Doberman :)

LouJon profile image

LouJon 2 years ago

These are really quite clever ideas indeed, never even considered it before. We have a cat and she has one of the basic plastic litter trays, quite ugly to look at, these look so much better and would fit nicely into our home

poorwendy lm profile image

poorwendy lm 2 years ago

We have the nightstand type. But the wicker enclosure looks pretty cool.

GeniePark 2 years ago

I had no idea, that is this easy to hide cat litter box.

OliviaDaughter LM profile image

OliviaDaughter LM 2 years ago

Great idea. Never seen these before. Very useful.

UKGhostwriter profile image

UKGhostwriter 2 years ago

Fantastic ideas!!

TreasuresBrenda profile image

TreasuresBrenda 2 years ago from Canada Level 4 Commenter

My friend trained her cat to use the toilet. ..I haven't seen it in action but love the idea.

Sylvestermouse profile image

Sylvestermouse 2 years ago from United States Level 6 Commenter

What a great way to hide the kitty litter box!

VeseliDan profile image

VeseliDan 2 years ago

These litter boxes look really stylish!

Fran Tollett profile image

Fran Tollett 2 years ago

I will have to get one of these for my kitties. :-) Very informative and interesting stuff.

LivRiley LM profile image

LivRiley LM 2 years ago

Pretty spiffy cat toilet facilities!

BLemley profile image

BLemley 2 years ago from Raleigh, NC

What a great innovative way to handle this problem! Company would be surprised to see a cat go into the furniture! Great info ~ thanks! B : )

elibenporat profile image

elibenporat 2 years ago

very cool. This might actually come in handy, we have been racking our brains as to how we can add a litter box without it being too obtrusive.

SophiaStar LM profile image

SophiaStar LM 2 years ago

I can't believe I have not seen these fabulous ways of covering a cat box before! Thank you so much, I really need to get one!!

Camden1 profile image

Camden1 2 years ago

These look so much better than the plastic tray that we always used for our cats when I was growing up.

jolou profile image

jolou 2 years ago Level 3 Commenter

These are great ideas. I use a natural kitty litter for my cat so it doesn't smell, but it's still not nice to see a litter box. These are good solutions and look really nice!

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